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How Does it Work?

The requesting for an online payday loan has never been so easy and safe. All information included in a request form to get an online loan offer is encrypted by SSL protocols. The whole process takes only 4 steps.

1. Sit comfortably in front of the computer or use your smartphone

Filling in the form literally takes a few moments – use your tablet, mobile phone or laptop, sit comfortably on the couch and in the comfort of your home fill in the form, which is fully supported by mobile devices and totally safe.

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2. Fill request form

We have created highly secure and remarkably easy way of requesting a loan. Our requesting form is intuitive, transparent, and easy to navigate – filling in the form has never been so easy, it literally takes a few minutes. Our customers’ security is our top priority – all information you entrust us is protected by highly developed security and encoding models, additionally, our website is protected by SSL protocols.

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3. Wait for approval

After submitting the request form usually, the decisions are instant and money appears on your bank account within minutes, but there are instances when a lender needs more time, up to 24 hours, to consider a requested offer. A lender may also contact you directly if more information is needed.

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4. Wait for your money

If the request form for an online loan is approved, the money should appear on your bank account immediately. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your direct lender. The lender is not interested in the purpose of the lent amount, you can spend the amount on whatever you want (pay bills, Christmas gifts, home renovations, holidays etc.)

Why Choose Us?

WorldPaydayLoan team’s priority is to make sure that every customer’s expectation is considered individually. At WorldPaydayLoan we have created a team of IT, law and finance specialists who have a long-time experience in this specific field of interest. We do our best to find the best solution possible – we listen and work together to provide an offer, even, with awfully bad credit history. Our offers are transparent, safe and include competitive conditions. Each customer’s individual requirements are lessons for our team, thank to you we become better specialists every day.

  • 100% Reliable
  • 100% Easy & Safe Online Form
  • Verified and Experienced Lenders
  • Unprecedented Conditions
  • Direct Deposit
  • No Hard Credit Check
  • Fast Approvals
  • Quick Funding

Who we help?

Too many Americans Flag of the United States of America are locked out from traditional credit

To put it in simple words, we do our best to help everyone who needs a regular injection of money, or is in a bad financial situation, sometimes even without an exit. Based on our own experiences, we understand what it means to be in a situation when a lender refuses your request for a fast online payday loan. Taking our knowledge and a point of view to the bigger spectrum, we observe the current financial situation that U.S citizens face and we put a lot of effort to create a wide array of transparent and credible offers that may bring help to as many as possible. According to the statistics created by, as much as 12 million of Americans use fast online payday loans every year to cover current expenses. The American’s financial situation has led to a point where a regular borrower struggles with debts for 5 months over a year, that is almost half a year of borrowing money from lenders due to being in a bad financial situation. Almost 80% of Americans reach for fast online payday loans to pay off the already existing debt. Moreover, the bigger part of the US population cannot cope with the monthly cost of living, which has led to the point where 12% of borrowers have poor credit history. Bearing in mind the group that is in the worst financial situation, we came up with the idea that our team will do its best to help the most needy, because chances increase possibilities and hard work pays off. Even if your request form has been denied on other intermediaries’ websites, please contact us anyway and we will try to create an exit in a situation without an exit.

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Will I get a loan with a bad credit record?

We treat each customer individually and we do not ignore those with bad credit history. Due to our vast and diversified range of personal lending offers the probability of getting a loan rises significantly. 95% of our clients, who were struggling with bad credit scores, found a reasonable offer which helped them to repair their broken financial situation and credit score as well. Our company is cooperating with many lenders who have a long-lasting experience and a lot of satisfied customers on their accounts, thanks to their reliability and knowledge about a customer and financial twists and turns the requests rejection rate is extremely low. Despite the bad credit score, feel welcome to contact us and make one step closer to shed the burden of constant financial worries.

How much can I borrow?

The amount of money we are able to offer depends on the type of loan you are eligible for and the amount of money you are interested in. Our offer consists of Payday loans, Personal loans, Short term loans and Installment loans which propose amounts ranging from 100$ to 2500$. Short-term online loans offer small amounts that bring high repayment costs, whereas long-term loans offer bigger amounts that have low repayments costs. Although short-term loans may seem deterrent at first glance, it does not have to be so. After contacting the lender, considering the expectations and creditworthiness of a customer, it may turn out that the terms and conditions for granting a short-term loan may be unprecedently beneficial. Before you start filling in the request form, we encourage you to read the information provided in the section concerning our services – Payday loans, Short term loans, Personal loans and Installment loans, that can be found on our website.

Where can I find payday loans near me?

Verified and reliable lenders around your neighborhood can offer you a quick injection of money, but this always involves taking time to go to the lender’s office and standing in line in crowded places has never been a pleasant activity. Why waste your precious time and energy as you can get a loan from any place at your home. Using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can fill out the request form on our website which will open the door to many lender’s offers with various terms and highly likely lower costs. It is worth emphasizing that if you decide to go directly to a lender near you, the lender only offers what he is capable of, and it is a very limiting approach. No matter if you have a poor credit history or if you are taking a loan for the first time in your life, using our service you have access to many offers meeting your expectations and it is you who decides which offer to choose.

What do you need to get a loan?

Due to the variety of lender’s offers, each lender has its own set of requirements for each type of loan. Given the diversity of all the requirements, the most common requirements among lenders are:

  • At least a 1000$ of monthly income.
  • A checking account.
  • The customer must be 18 years old or older.
  • Valid identity card.
  • A good enough credit history.
Usually, if you meet the above mentioned requirements, it is enough to get a loan. In some cases, the lender may contact you personally to determine more details required for the loan process. Some lenders have a special clause on lending to people in the military. In case you are an active soldier or veteran, we recommend contacting the lender directly to determine whether cooperation is possible under the specified conditions.

What is the best online payday loan?

People who are looking for quick financial support often turn to lenders who are newcomers in the credit market, and this may result in some inconveniences. Firstly, the client should check the opinions of others who have used the services of the company to determine whether they are a reliable source. Secondly, when it comes to instant money, the customer should check how much time does it take to get money on an account after sending the request form to the lender – after accepting the loan request, the money should be on your account within 24 hours. Thirdly, despite a rejected loan request, the lender should propose an alternative that may include an educational aspect of how to repair and manage finances. Eventually, if you have a good credit history and are a regular client of a lender, this lender should offer you better terms of repayment after each subsequent contract.

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